Thursday, May 1, 2008

I. Old Business
a. Articles
Send in Articles so we can post it on our website! You get one hour for one article! Send your articles to, IM sangabrielkey or email .
b. T-Shirts
We still have about 10 more! Get them now before they run out. All sizes are available except XS, but we have youth large. Buy them from Mr. Gin.

II. New Business
a. After School Tutoring
Mon-Thurs 3-4pm at the library. We need people to help go and remember to sign in with a teacher.

b. D10 Social
It’s on Saturday May 17th from 1-5 pm at our new Ltg. Judy Tang’s house at 1385 Blackstone Rd. San Marino. Get this chance to meet new members, new officers, and swim!
[google map]

c. People for People
It’s held on Saturday, May 10th at the San Gabriel Post Office at 120 S. Del Mar Ave from 3-6 pm.
[google map]

d. DCM
This month’s DCM will be on Saturday, May 31. More into TBA.

officers, remember to go! you all know why. :( LOL AND IF YOU DON'T YOU SHOULD REALLY ASK WHY.

Website updates:
-links are replaced with new, fresh working ones :) (sorry i didn't notice sooner!)
-a poll was added. (2nd one says "no DCMs are enough, last one says "either is fine")
-including ads (though it's still unsure whether it should stay or not.)