Thursday, December 6, 2007

General Meeting with Jennifer Tran!

Thursday December 6, 2007

Hi Key Clubbers:) It's your Co-Historian Lisa, once again! :) Mm .. What a cold day it is today haha. =) I'm super excitee I don't even know why :) Haha anyways.. Heres the Agenda incase you missed the Meeting. Food Fair is coming up, buy your burgers from Key Club!! :)

I. Old Business
A. T-Shirts: They are currently $10. Buy them and show your turtle pride!
B. Articles: Send in articles and/or pictures to, SanGabrielKey(AIM), or! For every Article you get one hour, It's an easy way to gain hours!

II. New Business
A. Rose Float Decorating: There are two days that we're volunteering. December 15th and December 26th (7:30am-3pm). We prefer you be there by 7:15am Thanks! Plus there will be food provided!
B. Winter Season of Service: (Read and Lead) Donate a Book and get One hour! The last day will be December 21st.
C. Divisional Ice Skating: Probably be at Pasadena Ice Skating Rink from 6-9pm. It's still TBA.
D. LTG Training: Potential Candidates contact Jessica Tang our current LTG, If you don't know who she is ask one of the officers to help you! It will be held at Orange Coast College on Janurary 12, 2008. It's going to be $3.00 for the training.
E. DCM: The December DCM will be held at Almansor on December 23rd. Alhambra High is hosting the DCM! More info to be announced.
F. Debate Tournament: We will be helping Debate set up and make things run smoothly. :) It will be on Janurary 11th, Friday form 3-9PM and Janurary 12th, Saturday 7:30am-6:30pm.
G. Team Against Drugs Inc. - Walk: It's just like aids walk! :) It will be December 16 from 5am-12pm at Griffith Park.